We know that broken capillaries can be a problem, and caring for skin suffering from them is a challenge.

Try the Phenomé cosmetic line created specifically for the couperose-prone skin type. To create it, we used, among other ingredients, rose, chestnut and green algae extracts. All of them soothe irritated skin, reduce redness, and strengthen blood vessels.

Start with a delicate NON-DRYING cleansing foam. Next, apply our SOOTHING base that you can use instead of a facial cream; it will create the perfect base for the make-up. If you are not a fan of foaming cleansers and would rather not use water to wash your face, try our great alternative - MICELLAR micellar water. And when the spring comes and the first rays of sunshine appear, remember that your delicate skin does not necessarily love the sun as much as you do and may need some extra care. Our IDEAL cream will be perfect for the sunny days thanks to the SPF10 filter.

Try it and feel the real change in your skin’s comfort.

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