PRO - AGE Serie

NEW IN! A set of 3 products that allow you to create a comprehensive face care ritual for everyday use!

Start in the evening with thoroughly peeling the callous cells of the epidermis (with the RENEW ME AHA peel). This will prepare your skin for a portion of the rich, softly wrapping UPLIFT ME lifting and soothing cream that will regenerate the skin in your sleep. In the morning greet the day by applying the light, velvety SMOOTH ME serum that will add radiance and brighten your skin, while protecting it from the effects of free radicals. If your skin requires extra nourishment and hydration in the morning, use a touch of the cream on top – the same that you applied in the evening. This minimalist set is an absolute must-have that you can take with you everywhere.

Each of the products is based on 100% organic aloe hydrolate that intensively and long-lastingly moisturizes the skin. It also soothes irritations and allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper and act stronger.

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